Harvest Ale 2013

We picked hops right off the bines for our forth annual Harvest Ale. 20130915-154715.jpg

And used some flaked rye as well as some crystal rye for color
Hop Extract cans for bittering went right into the kettle, cans and all. ~30 IBU per can.





We added about 120 lbs of fresh picked Cascades to our makeshift hop back fashioned out of our awesome Lauter Tun.
After fermentation was complete te beer was dry hopped with a blend f Columbus, Willamette and Chinook hops. Looking forward to this one.

Emptying and Filling some barrels

20130807-200425.jpgAbout halfway through last June fellow brewer Jimmy and I filled four freshly emptied whiskey barrels. Two of them were actually from Jack Daniels. We filled them with our porter and sent them away to our warehouse to hang out for 6 weeks.

20130807-201848.jpgToday we racked the beer into a bright tank so we can keg it next week and we filled these 4 barrels with a higher gravity Oatmeal Stout, and we have 4 new barrels for a total of 8 barrels.

We added some cocoa nibs to beef up the chocolate character. We’ll bottle this in November.


Urthel Hop-It


This is a nice blonde ale that is lightly hopped. Very clear with a little amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
The aroma has subtle fruit esters with minimal phenolics found in most Belgian ales. There is minimal hop aroma to the beer but it’s balanced with a malty/pils aroma. White head with medium-size bubbles falls after a short while. The beer drinks very easily light and dry, well carbonated. Very enjoyable.