Preparing the Horizontal Conditioning Tank

I passivated these tanks a few months ago along with the rest of our tanks but this one hasn’t been used yet. So I gave it a light acid washing today and am purging it with CO2. Tomorrow I will sanitize it and fill it with our Pre-Prohibition Pilsner called Robber’s Pils.
It’s going to lager, or cold-condition here for a month or so before going into a Serving Vessel.


Tuesday Nov 17th 2014

Today I bought some measuring cups,
And a silicone spatula. The measuring cups are to manually dose the boiler chemicals. The silicone spatula is for for getting the last of the yeast out of buckets. Maybe some hop slurries in a fit of dry-hopping. Now, it’s time to clean the jockey box.


Harvest Ale 2013

We picked hops right off the bines for our forth annual Harvest Ale. 20130915-154715.jpg

And used some flaked rye as well as some crystal rye for color
Hop Extract cans for bittering went right into the kettle, cans and all. ~30 IBU per can.





We added about 120 lbs of fresh picked Cascades to our makeshift hop back fashioned out of our awesome Lauter Tun.
After fermentation was complete te beer was dry hopped with a blend f Columbus, Willamette and Chinook hops. Looking forward to this one.